Totto Space Kidsland children’s playground
A playground where fun has no limits. The venue is located at the ground level, in the vicinity of the Auchan hypermarket, and offers multiple entertainment options for children under the supervision of our specialized staff. While the parents are out shopping or relaxing at a café, the children can have fun in the company of other children their age and partaking in their favorite activities.

“Mother and baby” Room
Located at the upper level, by the Flanco store, this space is specially created for mothers and it is designed so as to meet all their expectations. This facility is designed to ensure an optimal comfort and complete privacy for mothers and their babies.

Free strollers service
Iulius Mall Cluj addresses the needs of the parents who do their shopping accompanied by their small children, providing them on a free of charge basis with strollers at the Information Centers. The strollers can be used during the shopping sessions, as per the rules for accessing this service.

ID wristbands for kids

Ask at Info Point for a free identification wristband and write down your contact details, such as name and phone number. Thus, in case curiosity makes the little ones get lost from their parents, they can be helped find them faster and easier by our security guards or other by other clients.

Iulius Jump trampoline
Iulius Jump is the source of adrenaline for children and adults alike. Located in the Iulius Park, the entertainment destination is opened throughout the warm season, providing 10 trampolines for exercise enthusiasts. In addition to the energy and entertainment factors they provide, jumping on the trampoline is considered very beneficial both for physical fitness and health.

Cinema listings for 3D movies
For the children and young movie enthusiasts, Iulius Mall Cluj proposes the Cinema City listings. The multiplex is fitted with 10 state of the art auditoriums, which also enable the 3D experience that children love so much. The latest kids’ animations and movies are included every week in the cinema listings of Cinema City.

Age is no obstacle to having a passion for fashion! The shopping offer at Iulius Mall Cluj includes special kids’ stores for stylish little girls and boys with a modern look. In these stores you can choose from a variety of trendy outfits, footwear, accessories and toys.