CH.I   General Provisions
Art.1 These Regulations provide guidance for vehicular access, egress, circulation and stationing within the Iulius MALL shopping center parking lot.
Art.2 Driving vehicles shall be carried out very carefully, observing the meaning of the indicators, traffic signs and traffic markings, as well as the maximum height limit: 2.10 m for semi-basement and 1.90 m for the intermediate level.
Art.3 For safety purposes, we recommend:
a.    Low speed access and circulation within the parking lot (max.5 km/h).
b.    Keeping the headlights on while driving within the parking lots.
c.    Using the outdoor parking lots for the cars using an LPG system or for vehicles with trails attached.
Art.4 Failure to comply with these provisions can lead to restrictions on parking lot access.
Art.5 Vehicles shall be parked only in the duly designed, signaled and marked spaces, so that one car shall only take one single parking space, without obstructing the other parking spaces in its vicinity.
Art.6 It is forbidden to station vehicles with their engines running within the underground parking lot.
Art.7 The vehicles illegally stationed or parked on the premises of the underground, intermediate (level 7.30) and overground parking lot of the Iulius MALL shopping center and on unauthorized areas (for example: parking spaces for disabled individuals, the special access/egress areas) can have their wheels blocked for the purpose of making the drivers aware of the compulsoriness of the vehicular access, parking, stationing and circulation rules within the Iulius MALL shopping center
Art.8 The designated parking area can only be used for parking vehicles used by people acting as clients of the Iulius Mall shopping center during the parking period and observing these Regulations.
Art.9 These regulations are clearly displayed at the entrances into the parking lot, can be checked at the Information Center or online at and have been brought to the attention of both tenants and clients.
CH. II Activities provided by the regulations:
Art.10 Blocking the wheels of illegally stationed or parked vehicles or of the vehicles displayed for sale purposes shall be carried out as per the provisions herein.
Art.11 Identifying vehicles that are illegally stationed or parked, including those displayed for sale purposes on the parking lot premises shall be carried out as per the provisions herein, by the respective in-house security staff of Iulius MALL shopping center.
Art.12 The security staff shall take photographs of the illegally stationed or parked vehicles in order to document the rule violation before blocking the wheels with the blocking device. After the security agent takes carries out the wheel-blocking measure, the operator shall also photograph the vehicle after fitting it with the blocking device, indicating the position of the illegally stationed vehicle.
Art.13 The wheel-blocking devices shall be fitted onto the front left wheel in order to be easily noticed by the driver and shall be attached so as not to cause any technical malfunctions to the blocked vehicle or impact its bodywork
Art.14 The wheel-blocking devices should meet all of the following conditions:
a.    To ensure that the blocked vehicle cannot be unlocked or damaged by means of breaking into and to prevent any damage to the blocked vehicle;
b.    To be fitted only on the front left wheel and to prevent the removal of the blocked wheel;
c.    To be painted yellow;
d.    To be fitted with a mechanism that allows their mounting and dismounting in under 5 minutes.
Art.15 In addition to the blocking device, the drivers shall be notified by means of a notice attached to the windshield of the vehicle regarding their parking violation and the consequences thereof.
Art.16 The security agents are required to report to the Iulius MALL Dispatch the vehicle registration plate and brand of the cars that were fitted with wheel blocking devices, after having taken photographs of the respective vehicles.
Art.17 Removing the wheel blocking device shall be carried out after bringing the parking lot use regulations to the attention of the driver.
Art.18 In case the owner of the blocked vehicle fails to show up for the purpose of unblocking it, the respective vehicle can be towed, transferred and stored in a specially designed location, and when the owner recovers the vehicle, he/she will have to pay the equivalent value of the parking services for the respective period and the additional service fee.
Art.19 The protection of the staff performing the wheel-blocking/unlocking activities shall be ensured by the security staff of the Iulius MALL shopping center or, if necessary, by the representatives of other competent institutions: Gendarmerie, Local Police, etc.
Art.20 The parking lot is fitted with video surveillance cameras that are aimed exclusively at monitoring the traffic flows; the video recordings are not available for the public except in case of accidents or events that require the presence of representatives from competent public institutions for the purpose of investigating and solving the cases.
Art.21 The Iulius Mall Administration waives any responsibility for the integrity of the vehicles and goods left inside the vehicles.
CH. III  Sanctions
Art.22 The following actions constitute violations of the parking lot use regulations and shall be sanctioned by blocking the wheels of the vehicle:
a.    Stopping or stationing the vehicle in unauthorized areas, in the access/exit routes or in the parking lots designed for disabled individuals without any rights thereto, or for the purpose of displaying the vehicle in the parking lot for sale purposes without the prior approval of the Iulius MALL Administration (The fee for unlocking the wheels is 100 RON).
b.    Stationing on the Iulius MALL premises outside business hours without prior notice thereto and duly paying the 30 RON/24 HOURS fee.
Art.23 Repeatedly speeding a vehicle within the parking lot shall be sanctioned by restricting the access of that vehicle to the parking lot.
Art.24 Identification of such violations shall be carried out as per these regulations and subject to the legal provisions in force regarding traffic on public roads.
Art.25 Damages to or defacement of the parking lot goods as a result of non-compliance with the provisions herein shall be sanctioned according to the legislation in force.
Art.26 Damages to the barrier or to the height limit sign will be charged with 500 lei, VAT included.
Art.27 The appendices are an integral part of these Regulations.



Instructions to use the electric cars charger stations

1. For connection please install the Wallbox app in Google Play store or Appstore
2. Open the Wallbox app and create a user account, following the steps described in the app (Bluetooth and mobile data activation is required)
3. Once the account is created, send it via email to or Whatsapp at +40754631068
4. You will receive the draft agreement and the charging rates
5. Please send the signed agreement via email to or Whatsapp at +40754631068
6. To start the charging session from the main screen, go to “Stations list” and choose the station you wish to use for charging
7. Tap on the picture of the chosen station and begin the charging session
8. You can follow up in the app the charging status in real time
9. ATTENTION! It is important that you exit the parking space after the closing of the charging session, so that you allow other vehicles to charge as well
10. Upon completion of the charging time, pull back the cable first from your vehicle, and then from the station, without forcing the removal of the cable
11. If you wish to stop the charging before the battery is fully charged, tap on the “Stop” button in the app.
12. After the expiry of the charging time you will have maximum 20 minutes to decide whether to extend the charging time or vacate the space.
13. For information and technical support related to the operation of the stations please call 0754.63.10.68 or send an email to
14. For feet charging requests or signing of agreements, please send an email to