Entrance in the Iulius Mall parking lot involves acceptance of these rules;

This parking lot is private property where the legislation in force related to traffic on public roads applies;

The allowed parking hours are 10:00 – 23:00. Exception to the aforesaid hours are only the vehicles of the Cinema City and Viper Club customers who are entitled to park until 06:00;

For an optimum traffic in the parking lot, please comply with the traffic signs and markings;

Maximum driving speed is 5 km per hour;

Maximum height allowed below the passages is 3.5 meters;

Parking on the spaces which are marked and reserved for the physically challenged people’s vehicles is forbidden;

The driver should park the vehicle within the space delimited for it, and to carefully comply with all signs in the parking lot;

Breach of the Rules entitles the Iulius Mall administration to block the vehicle within the parking lot, and the driver shall bear the cost of the unblocking fee of 100 RON;

The parking lot is video monitored. The video cameras are meant exclusively for the surveillance of the traffic flows, and the video recordings are not available to the public;

The Iulius Mall Administration undertakes no responsibility for the integrity of the vehicles and goods left therein. For reporting any issues, please contact the Info Center located on the Iulius Mall Iasi ground floor;

It is forbidden to leave unattended animals, flammable substances or dangerous items inside the vehicles;

It is forbidden to perform vehicle repairs or any vehicle maintenance activities in the parking lot (antifreeze and oil change or gas supply);

It is forbidden to enter the parking lot by vehicles for the purpose of teaching driving classes afferent to driving schools;

Access of oversized vehicles (tractors, trucks or other heavy weight vehicles), as well as of vehicles with trails attached or showing obvious defects is forbidden;

The parking of vehicles displaying a „for sale” poster is forbidden.

For any further information, please contact the Info Center located on the Iulius Mall ground floor.