Lava & Cuce
Because time is precious, Iulius Mall Iasi customers can opt for Lava & Cuce laundry and laundry services, while they can enjoy shopping or relaxing sessions. Lava & Cuce offers promptness and complete services, at the customer’s request, and the retouching of the articles.

Beauty services

Iulius Mall Iasi customers who want an impeccable look can use the quality services offered by Donna Carina. The salon on the 1st floor of Iulius Mall offers a full range of beauty services, from facial treatments, hairdressing, cosmetics, manicures and pedicures to massages, chocolate packings and electro-stimulation sessions.

Are you preparing for a special event or are you just wanting to make a change? The Irina Schrotter Hair & Beauty salon on Iulius Mall Iasi Ground floor helps you achieve the desired hair styling, cosmetic and body shaping results.

For ladies and brides who want an enviable body, Nomasvello proposes effective beauty treatments. In the second floor of Iulius Mall Iasi are available specialized equipment for final hair removal and facial therapies, which use intensely pulsed light.

Local Directory for the Evidence of Persons
At Iulius Mall Iasi, clients can combine the solving of public service activities with a relaxing periple through shops. The waiting time goes a little easier with a delicious coffee or a food court menu.

Postal office
Those who want to save as much time in Iulius Mall Iasi have at their disposal the Postal Office, on the ground floor. In the break between shopping sessions, customers can send letters, send gifts to loved ones in the country and abroad, pay bills or call for other services.

Parking Iulius Mall Iasi
For the convenience of the customers who come shopping with the car, Iulius Mall Iasi offers parking with about 1,000 seats.

Gift Voucher
The Gift Voucher is an additional service designed to help shoppers that have a hard time deciding on a gift for their loved ones! The Vouchers can be purchased from the Information Centers, have values amounting to 50 RON or 100 RON, and can only be used in one of the participating stores.
The list of stores included in the Gift Voucher program can be accessed here.