With over 20 years of experience, the IULIUS Company is the only developer and operator of mixed-use projects in Romania. IULIUS revolutionized the local real estate market, being a visionary company that implemented premiering concepts in Romania: the first mall outside the capital city, Bucharest, and the first mixed-use urban ensemble.

IULIUS developed over 260,000 sqm of retail premises and other 148,000 sqm of class A office spaces. The company projects include the PALAS IAȘI mixed-use urban ensemble, the IULIUS MALL national network and the UNITED BUSINESS CENTER office building network, which became urban and economic landmarks for the cities where they were developed.

IULIUS is currently carrying out construction works for IULIUS TOWN TIMIȘOARA, the second mixed-use project in the company portfolio and amounting to a € 220 million investment.

Due to its regional character, the tenant mix and the various leisure options, the retail projects of the IULIUS Company attract over 65 million people per year.

IULIUS is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers New York.


IULIUS MALL IAŞI was opened in April 2000, at that time being the first shopping mall built outside of Bucharest and the second in Romania. Located in the heart of one of the largest Romanian university campuses, IULIUS MALL IAŞI promotes a youthful and dynamic lifestyle.

Constantly evolving and responsive to the preferences of its clients, IULIUS MALL IAŞI is the favorite destination of people who wish to mix shopping with moments of relaxation in the company of friends. The main coordinates of the mall are as follows: over 180 stores, one Cinema City multiplex cinema with 5 auditoriums, one food court area, Carrefour Market supermarket, restaurants, cafés, confectioneries, casinos, bowling and billiards club, playground for children and over 1,000 parking spaces.

Vitality, dynamism and style are the words that define IULIUS MALL IAŞI.


IULIUS MALL TIMIŞOARA is impressive by virtue of its original architecture, the diversity of brands and the countless relaxation and entertainment opportunities. Opened in 2005 and expanded in 2009, IULIUS MALL TIMIŞOARA has been integrated in the mixed-use ensemble IULIUS TOWN TIMISOARA, the first project of this type in the west of the country, opened in August 2019.  It is the largest retail area in Romania, of over 120,000 sqm, which draws millions of people every year both from the entire region and from abroad.

Located in a city that takes pride in its openness towards all things new and modern, IULIUS MALL TIMIŞOARA offers its clients a lifestyle that is permanently connected to western trends: over 450 national and international brands, approximately 4,000 overground and underground parking spaces, a 1,700 seats food court, Auchan hypermarket, Cinema City multiplex cinema with 12 auditoriums, including the VIP concept, a premiere in the region, the largest fitness center in the country, with a semi-Olympic swimming pool, bowling and billiards club, playground for children, casino, themed cafés and restaurants.


Opened in 2007 and oriented towards multiculturalism, IULIUS MALL CLUJ provides an original mix of its multiple uses and the fondness of Transylvanian locals for art in all its forms.

IULIUS MALL CLUJ is the third shopping mall in the IULIUS national network, being permanently attuned to international trends by means of its portfolio of brands and the leisure options. The mall includes over 230 stores, an Auchan hypermarket, Cinema City multiplex cinema with 10 auditoriums, food court, underground and overground parking facility with a capacity of over 2,000 places, as well as other relaxation destinations. The Iulius Park located in its vicinity is the little corner of nature preferred by the citizens of Cluj.

IULIUS MALL CLUJ is defined by a vibrant and energetic spirit, worthy of the title of European Youth Capital that Cluj-Napoca was awarded in 2015.

In the immediate vicinity of the mall, IULIUS developed two class A office buildings, with a total area of 26,000 sqm and accommodating over 3,000 employees.


Opened in 2008, IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA revolutionized the local retail market by leveraging the cultural heritage of the region and developing a comprehensive mix of shopping, dining and entertainment.

The elements of modern architecture and distinctive design, along with the complete range of brands it offers, make IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA a top shopping and leisure destination.

The mall comprises over 150 stores, the largest multiplex cinema in the north of the country (comprising 10 auditoriums), a food court with over 1,200 seats, a playground for children, Auchan hypermarket, Brico Depot, casino, outdoor football field, seasonal skating rink, the largest bowling and billiards club in Suceava and 1,300 places parking facility, which recommend IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA as a complex designed for the entire family.

IULIUS MALL SUCEAVA is defined by enthusiasm, diversity and modernism.


Created based on the “lifestyle center” concept and opened in 2012, the Palas Iaşi urban ensemble is the first mixed-use project developed in Romania and the largest private real estate investment outside of Bucharest, adding up to over € 265 million.

The components of PALAS cater to the preferences of all the categories of public: 260 stores, restaurants and themed cafés, food court, five event halls, a park spanning on 50,000 sqm, Venetian carousel and trampolines for children, and two outdoor skating rinks. The project also includes six office buildings that accommodate over 7,500 employees.

PALAS IAŞI: art, architecture, business in a cosmopolitan style.


Opened on the 30th of August, IULIUS TOWN is the first mixed-use project in the west of Romania developed by companies IULIUS and Atterbury Europe and it is the largest investment in the region, adding up to a total of 442 million Euro.

IULIUS TOWN entailed integrating IULIUS MALL TIMIȘOARA into an extensive urban regeneration project, completing it with retail, office and entertainment uses.

Located in downtown Timișoara, IULIUS TOWN is a collection of records: the largest retail area outside of Bucharest (120,000 sqm, 450 stores) and the largest offer of class A office premises in the region (more than 100,000 sqm).

Premiering international brands, the latest store concepts available in Europe, a variety of cafés and themed restaurants, and an impressive park – all these certify IULIUS TOWN as the number one destination in the west of Romania for shopping, leisure and socializing.

The IULIUS GARDENS park space integrates 10,000 shrubs, 1,400 large trees, areas fitted with special turf, a lake, a Venetian carousel for children, a gazebo, promenades, and squares for outdoor events.