Kidsland Club

Kidsland Club counts 11 years since it happily greets all the children in the fascinating world of childhood in Iulius Mall. The parties, celebrations, creative or recreational activities, as well as other events are carefully organized by the fairies who are eagerly prepared for the meetings with the young ones; they are always willing to initiate and guide the children in the art of games, story telling, laughter, dance, singing, theater, drawing and many other arts.

Flori de portocal

At Flori de Portocal center, the children will participate into musical modelling, experiments, magic and cooking education workshops,  and can take multicultural dance, aerobics, theater, guitar, capoeira, fashion design and many other classes.


“Mother and baby” Room

Located on the 1st floor, this space is specially created for mothers and it is designed so as to meet all their expectations. This facility is designed to ensure an optimal comfort and complete privacy for mothers and their babies.